Daily Archives: May 16, 2016


Intimate Interview With Local Photographer Megan Stanislaw

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ When asked why she chose Sheridan as the location for her company, started in 2007, professional photographer and Intimate Portraits, LLC founder and owner Megan Stanislaw said, “Well some of it was the connections that I already had here. When you’re trying to make a living in a niche market…


Surf Wyoming Growler Giveaway

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~  A snazzy double-lined growler from the coolest clothing store in town? For free, you say? The rules are simple, you just take out your phone, text SHERIDAN to 63975, and cross your fingers. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to like our post, if you’d like to see more of…


Sheridan Weather in a Nutshell

~CONTENT POWERED BY GREATER WYOMING BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS~ Spring time is here in full force, and that means we get a healthy dose of our patented Sheridan weather. To prove our point, here are two posts from our Facebook page that were taken one day apart. It’s not that crazy, but it always amazes…

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