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Blacktooth Brewery Company Supports Project Schoolhouse

Blacktooth Brewing Company is back at it again with their relatively new but destined to be a homegrown tradition of Community Pint Nights. This community night, the good cause highlighted was the Project Schoolhouse, an international non-profit that seeks to provide sanitary living conditions, clean water, and more clear paths to superior education in rural…

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Sheridan High School to Put on a Musical

Have you noticed a lack of Sheridan High School kids gallivanting about town in the last few weeks? Though there are a ton of activities that students are involved in throughout the year, this is the week for the High School Musical. No, not the one with the Wildcats. That’s another thing. This thing has…

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Sheridan Inn Q&A with Bob Townsend

Touring the Sheridan Inn is a unique experience you’ll only find here in Wyoming. If you’re like us, you’ve long since known about the Sheridan Inn and may be vaguely aware of its history with the likes of Buffalo Bill, but never knew much else beyond that. Buffalo Bill and his world-famous Wild West Show…

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Recap: Black Tooth Brewery – Community Pint Nights

Black Tooth Brewery continues to put on their staple Community Pint Nights, and to catch up on the most recent ones, here’s a double feature recap: Habitat for Humanity and Sheridan Community Land Trust. Community Pint Nights are held on Tuesdays at the local brewery featuring a local non-profit with Black Tooth Brewery donating $1…


The Fiber House

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~ Alexander Hamilton probably once said, “We could have nary defeated the British without yarn. Yarn was the backbone of the Colonial war machine.” We don’t have any sources to prove he said that, but we can’t imaginethat he didn’t. That’s right, Sheridan. You have sheep and alpacas to thank…


5 Questions- Kent Sherwood-Sheridan Physical Therapy

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~ Kent  Sherwood graduated from high school in Elko, Nevada and attended the University of Nevada in Reno where he received his bachelor in science in pre-physical therapy. He earned his master’s degree in Physical Therapy at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in 1995. Kent and his wife Kati…


5 Questions for Pokemon Go “Trainers”

~CONTENT POWERED BY WATER PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS~ We’ve all heard of it. We’ve seen the players. They walk down main street, past Java Moon and Midtown Cafe with their finger-less gloves, their colorful hunting garb and eyes full of adventure. They battle over “gyms”, like the ones at the Sheridan Inn and Los Agaves, stuffing…

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An Interview with Jeff Wells of Pavement Markings, LLC

~CONTENT POWERED BY WATER PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS~ This past session of the state legislature was one of contention. Being a budget session, and with Wyoming currently facing financial struggles, money was the word on everybody’s minds. Appropriations meetings were called, bills argued, and cases made all culminating in budget cuts across the board. Education was…


Intimate Interview With Local Photographer Megan Stanislaw

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ When asked why she chose Sheridan as the location for her company, started in 2007, professional photographer and Intimate Portraits, LLC founder and owner Megan Stanislaw said, “Well some of it was the connections that I already had here. When you’re trying to make a living in a niche market…

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