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Thousands Injure Eyes As Eclipse Amazes Country

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~ The much anticipated total solar eclipse of 2017 crossed the United States from coast to coast for the first time in 98 years on Monday. Millions across the country viewed the sight in awe through their eclipse glasses and filmed the event on their cell phones. Not everyone who…


The Sheridan Sooners: A Legacy of Thievery

~CONTENT POWERED BY ANTELOPE BUTTE FOUNDATION~ The air is alive with excitement in the year 1889. Dr. Herman Hollerith receives the 1st US patent for a mechanical tabulating machine, the Ivory Coast is declared a protectorate of France, and Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria, commits a murder-suicide with his mistress Mary Vetsera. The atmosphere was galvanized…

Deer Sheridan Wy


~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ SHERIDAN, WY: In an unprecedented natural phenomenon, a white-tailed deer (or Odocoileus virginianus) has been spotted near the outskirts of Sheridan. Science professionals have relayed to us that this is indeed a departure from natural norms, and that deer are often reclusive and hesitant to even come into our yards and trample…

Why We Write Satire

Why We Write Satire

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ We love Sheridan. It’s a town unlike most others. We’re a community that genuinely cares about one another, made up of good people with kind hearts. It’s the entire reason we started Sheridan Brand, in fact. We see in this town something not present in many other small towns across America….

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