Believe it or not, sometimes noteworthy things happen in happy little Sheridan! We’re happy to share our notes with you accordingly, and you can peruse them below.

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Blacktooth Brewery Company Supports Project Schoolhouse

Blacktooth Brewing Company is back at it again with their relatively new but destined to be a homegrown tradition of Community Pint Nights. This community night, the good cause highlighted was the Project Schoolhouse, an international non-profit that seeks to provide sanitary living conditions, clean water, and more clear paths to superior education in rural…

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Sheridan High School to Put on a Musical

Have you noticed a lack of Sheridan High School kids gallivanting about town in the last few weeks? Though there are a ton of activities that students are involved in throughout the year, this is the week for the High School Musical. No, not the one with the Wildcats. That’s another thing. This thing has…

Martin Sexton singing Freedom of the road

Luminous Brewhouse – Brew and a Concert

Can you picture a perfect night with your closest friends? If you’re anything like us, it’s a night that entails being in great company with equal quality brews in hand, and all while listening to live music!   Tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 28) at 7 pm, bring your friends down to Luminous Brewhouse for a…

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Sheridan Inn Q&A with Bob Townsend

Touring the Sheridan Inn is a unique experience you’ll only find here in Wyoming. If you’re like us, you’ve long since known about the Sheridan Inn and may be vaguely aware of its history with the likes of Buffalo Bill, but never knew much else beyond that. Buffalo Bill and his world-famous Wild West Show…

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[EVENT] The WYO Theater – Lights! Camera! Math!

Math usually gets a bad rep for not being terribly fun nor entertaining. Well, we’re here to tell you — it doesn’t always have to be so, especially when you mix one part math with one part whimsical magic show. Luckily for you, this beautiful pairing is a specialty of the Lights! Camera! Math! production…


The 2017 Sheridan Start-Up Challenge

Seth Godin once said, “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” A great idea can only go so far on its own. But with the right resources that idea can soar, flourish, and grow into an incredibly successful organization. The Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC) of the University…

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Recap: Black Tooth Brewery – Community Pint Nights

Black Tooth Brewery continues to put on their staple Community Pint Nights, and to catch up on the most recent ones, here’s a double feature recap: Habitat for Humanity and Sheridan Community Land Trust. Community Pint Nights are held on Tuesdays at the local brewery featuring a local non-profit with Black Tooth Brewery donating $1…

Marva Craft Wyo Gala

2016 WYO Theater Gala

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ As we all know, Sheridan is quite the hub for what some would call “the arts,” which, from what we can gather, usually consists either of ballerinas or people in berets using the word “juxtaposition.” Now, that’s apparently not the case around here, as none of us here actually know…

The Link Partners in Pink

Partners in Pink: Let’s Show Cancer Who’s Boss

~CONTENT POWERED BY FLOOD MARKETING~ Cancer sucks. We all know it, whether through experiences ourselves, with loved ones, or even just hearing stories. Roughly one in every eight women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. That’s 12% of women. However, due to new developments both in technology and in treatments,…

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