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Emily Betzler’s Bought Beautifully wants you to Give with Impact


In case you’re not completely savvy on global manufacturing, we’ll clue you in on the single most important finding we’ve learned: most of it is not good. Unfortunately, a good deal of corporate shenanigans take place which lead to labor being outsourced beyond and continuing a history of labor workers being treated unfairly.

The good news is not every manufacturing organization believes that is the only way to do business.

Organizations throughout the world are now working hard to bring ethical practices back to the manufacturing industry, one of which is based right here in Sheridan, Wyoming: Bought Beautifully.

Emily Betzler is an Arizona native who met her husband, Colin, in Costa Rica while studying abroad. Collin went to college in Montana, and spent time at Spear-O Wigwam prior to meeting Emily, and the two of them moved to our neck of the woods with a plan to stay for two years. That was eleven years ago.

Upon falling in love with Sheridan (who would’ve guessed?) the Betzlers set up shop here for a while, Emily taught Spanish while Colin took a position with the Sheridan Community Land Trust. “My heart has always been international,” Betzler shared with us, explaining her path to start Bought Beautifully. “I wanted to make an impact internationally, and we started thinking about what we could do to make a difference… There’s so many cool small organizations out there, someone should put them all together and make it easy for people to shop ethically, maybe we should do this.”

With connections in Haiti, India, and countless areas in Africa, to name a few, Bought Beautifully provides individuals and groups of artisans with a platform where they can sell goods. Betzler and her organization are very intentional in only pairing with other organizations that practice fair labor, i.e. no forced labor, fair wages, good working conditions, and more.

Bought Beautifully proudly works alongside organizations that help women out of forced prostitution, help reintroduce incarcerated women from prison systems, among other groups, to provide women around the world with the ability to sell their products. It’s all about supporting the artisans through the sale of their goods, including:  jewelry, housewares, and clothing.

This Saturday, November 19, you have the opportunity to support global ethics at Give With Impact by Bought Beautifully. Aside from stumbling upon a parade of elephants, Give with Impact is the best trunk show you’ll come across, with the best cause, showcasing countless goods from countless artisans and it gives you the chance to get some great holiday shopping done.

So, Sheridan, if you feel the same way Emily Betzler does about labor injustice around the globe, stop by the Shall We Dance Ballroom (20 S. Tschirgi, Sheridan) from 9am-3pm this Saturday, November 19, and let the world know you care, and lend a hand by supporting Bought Beautifully.

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