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Historic Sheridan Inn Up for Prestigious Prize



Sheridan’s pretty awesome. That’s a fact. We all accept that. Any questions? No, not you. You put your hand down.

Anyway, Sheridan is awesome right now, will be awesome tomorrow, and has been awesome in the past. Even before we were officially a town there was probably a buck that looked up from his grass and said, “This place is tubular, and I’m a deer.” Not a particularly verbose species, deer. The Historic Sheridan Inn is a perfect example of Sheridan’s particular brand of timeless magnificence.

From its association to Buffalo Bill to the movers, shakers, and occasional dance-floor shooters (read more on that history here) that stayed within its hallowed walls, the Inn has carved out a well-deserved niche as one of Sheridan’s most famous features. Now, the rest of the world has a chance to know first-hand exactly how amazing Sheridan Inn, and by extension the rest of Sheridan, is. Yellowstone National Park has compiled a list of historic hotels in their area, and on that list is our very own. The outsiders must know of our greatness, so show your Sheridan pride and go vote for the Sheridan Inn by CLICKING HERE!

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