MISHAP! Brewing Company Reaching Homestretch of Kickstarter Campaign



Nobody likes funerals. They’re rather drab, kind of boring, and there’s the whole “death” aspect of them. However, not all funerals are the same. In Tibet, they practice what’s called a “Sky Burial,” wherein the dearly departed is dismembered before being fed to hungry vulchers. Their bones are then ground to a powder and sprinkled to the wind, so that every part of them is reincorporated into nature. If that doesn’t sound like a nice way to say goodbye to Pop-Pop, we don’t know what is. In the same vein there is Mishap! Brewing Company, formerly known as Clear Creek.

Last April, proprietors of fine brews at MISHAP! Brewing Company were made to suffer under a brand of corporate shenanigans known in some circles as “trademark bullying,” wherein corporations who have boat loads of money and apparently nothing better to do than harass and often times sue smaller companies for imagined infringements of copyright law. One fateful day, the owners of MISHAP! received a cease-and-desist letter from Hood River Distilleries in Oregon, famous for Pendleton whiskey. We don’t really know much else about Hood River, but we assume they split their time between twiddling handlebar mustaches, stroking white cats while turning in a swivel chair, and tying secret agents up over pits of sharks. The owners of MISHAP! formerly Clear Creek Brewery had two choices: pay a royalty to use their own name, or move on. They weren’t particularly eager to write their corporate tormenters a check, and so with heavy hearts but cheery disposition they bid “Clear Creek” a fond adieu.

If you thought that was the end of these tenacious brewsters (if that wasn’t a word before, it is now), you’d be dead wrong. Like the mighty phoenix, they rose from the ashes of corporate harassment. You think that’s too grandiose a simile? Ok. Then like the wily Alaskan wood frog, they were frozen for a few months but have now been thawed and are ready to hop their merry way into the future. They’ve re-branded, and are in need for some community support. If you’d like to give to their kickstarter (which you totally should), there’s only a few days left. So give, Sheridan! Give till it hurts! Then drink to make it hurt less!

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