Sheridan Spends Minutes Long Blackout Contemplating Apocalypse



On November 29th, 2016 Sheridan, Wyoming was plunged into an abysmal darkness. The lights went out, the fridges stopped fridging, and perhaps worst of all: the WiFi went down. Faced with no other recourse, the people of Sheridan reverted back to the days of our noble, nomadic caveman ancestors. Spears were sharpened and preparations were made for the Hunt.

As Sheridanites fashioned loincloths and various other garments from the hides of feral boars and constructed rudimentary shelters to save them from both the elements and roaming coyotes, they couldn’t help but think of how this dark new world would play out.

Some would turn to cannibalism, others to desperate nihilism. Before the populace could figure out which would be worse, the power was miraculously restored and humanity saved. We’ve staved off the beast of our most basic selves for now, Sheridan. For now.

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