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Things are a-changin’, y’all. At this point, we’ve all gotten used to the parking lot flanked by Broadway and Gould in the middle of downtown. We all know it, likely because we’ve all seen our lives flash before our eyes at least once while leaving the movie theater or meeting some friends at the brewery. In case you haven’t noticed, the very same parking lot is currently under construction. Now, we here at Sheridan Brand have absolutely nothing against public works projects in the slightest, but we do take very seriously one particular phrase: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Wyoming is the heart of the Wild West with all of its tumbleweeds, cows we call “doggies,” and lots of posses. Do we really need to expend all of this effort to repair a mere rectangle of concrete? We’re the same folk who in the olden days ate beans out of a can and repressed our emotions until they manifested physically as kidney stones. We should be able to channel some of that same gritty cowboy-stick-to-it-ivness and just park our vehicles in a pothole ridden lot famous for scraped paint and dinged bumpers. But no, we need regulations for the “safety” of ourselves and our “children.”

There’s a reason that the town in which we live is known as “the Heart of the West” by some of you, probably, and that reason is the reason that follows: we’re tough. What did you do the last time you got rear ended? Well, if you’re from around here, you probably handled it the old fashioned way. That’s right, by exchanging personal information and making potential lunch plans. Safety in a parking lot? How are any of us going to make new friends now? By socialising with other humans? That’s preposterous. Maybe we’re losing some of our rugged flare, or maybe we just don’t quite understand parking regulations. I guess there’s a reason we’re a culture website and not, well, the public works engineers.

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