Sheridan Provides Inspiration for Best-Selling Novel


We all know that quite a few now-large-scale brands originated here in the Sheridan area, such as King Ropes and Longmire (shhh, Buffalo is close enough). Something you may not know was initialized here is Jay Asher’s novel 13 Reasons Why which chronicles teenage depression, friendship, and loss through tragic stories, 13 of them, as to why a teenaged girl took her life. Though the book isn’t light and fluffy, it provokes thought and encourages us to look deeper into those around us.


Jay Asher scribbled the first concepts of the book on some scratch paper in his car. Asher was driving through our town on a rainy day, and it hit him. He pulled over and began to write.


The main character of the story, Clay, got his name from a Sheridanite and friend of Asher’s, Klay Condos.


Since then, the novel was published, rose to the bestsellers’ list, and has been adapted into a TV series produced by Netflix.


Though Asher isn’t a Sheridan native, he reflected on a blog about his time here that he enjoyed our neck of the woods. We’re sure glad you felt the Sheridan magic as the rest of us have, Jay.


Check out 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, or if you’re more into reading, Sheridan Stationery downtown should have a few copies, if they can manage to keep them on the shelves. Let us know what you think!

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