Why We Write Satire

Why We Write Satire



We love Sheridan. It’s a town unlike most others. We’re a community that genuinely cares about one another, made up of good people with kind hearts. It’s the entire reason we started Sheridan Brand, in fact. We see in this town something not present in many other small towns across America. We see people who love their surroundings and care about the place they live, and we’re here to pour all of that love that you may not hear about back into our neck of the woods.

We here at Sheridan Brand think too many good things go unnoticed, and too many good words go unspoken, and we want to bring to you anything and everything positive in Sheridan. So, we write articles, we post pictures, we shoot video, we interview cool folks. But, we also want Sheridan Brand to be, well, fun. And, as we know all too well, there is a definite limit on the number of pictures we can post of the sun setting over Main Street. No offense to Main Street or sunsets, of course. Anyway, we’ve found satire to be a fun way to bring you news and tales of all things Sheridan because it’s a fun, alternative style of information delivery.

Now, if you were to google “satire,” like we just did, the definition you’ll find is admittedly negative, including words like “ridicule,” “scorn,” and “the.” However, Sheridan Brand is all about positivity, meaning the goal of our satire has never been, nor will it ever be, to mock anyone. We feel that it can be fun to change the pace a little bit, to shake it up, if you will, as far as articles go.

As far as we’re concerned, Sheridan is the place to be. We’re so lucky here, with endless artwork, music, culture, food, and awesome people inhabiting our streets, and Sheridan Brand wants to serve as a reminder to everyone here how cool this place is. So whether we’re posting satire, photos, or audio clips of goat screams, remember why we’re here: to highlight all the awesome stuff we’ve got going for us here in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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