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An Evening with Legendary Producer & Songwriter Buzz Cason, Robert Cline, Jr. and Sean Devine

Are the stars aligned? Maybe they are, but that’s not what brought all these legends together. It was all because of the noble endeavor found in Project Schoolhouse.

What is Project Schoolhouse, you say? The short and skinny of it is, they’re an “international non-profit that focuses on education, clean water and sanitation in rural Nicaraguan communities.”

Okay, but who are these legendary musicians playing the show? Well, we happened to grab an interview with the folks who will grace our WYO Theater venue, so you’ll know just what it’s all about and how you can make plans for an epic evening happening soon (spoiler alert: it’s happening tomorrow).

But, before that, I’m just going to copy/paste this section from the WYO Theater page about it:

“An evening with Buzz Cason, producer of Buddy Holly’s band “The Crickets”, founder of Nashville’s first rock n roll band! Buzz, who has had hit songs cut by U2, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Buffet, and The Beatles, joins Robert Cline, Jr., Sean Devine, Tab Barker and Jon & Cody Quarterman to celebrate and raise funds for Project Schoolhouse.”

We would usually scoff at this and say, “No bid deal,” but even we at Sheridan Brand cannot deny the facts behind their credentials. *tips-hat

Robert Cline, Jr., a local talent who is playing tomorrow night, too, loves being able to bring a big name in Ben Cason and company and is grateful to the fact he gets to “Connect people with resources” while putting on a bound to be a great show.

Cline says, “It’s about taking it back to its roots.” So he’s here back in his hometown ready to jam for the home crowd.

Now, more about this Buzz character.

Buzz Cason, the man who helped start Nashville’s first rock and roll band, The Casuals, mentioned that it just makes a whole lot of sense to combine his platform as a musician and to pair it with bringing awareness to different causes that could positively impact people.

A show with a cause if you well, “I’m just glad to be a part of it, to give back,” said Cason.

Cason had plenty to share about his endeavors from forming a rock group to being a backup singer once upon a time but remained adamant about supporting causes that help others in any way he can, especially by bringing music artists together to support a noble cause.

Additionally, if you were curious, every penny earned from tomorrow’s show will go directly back to the cause du jour, and in this case, it will be for Project Schoolhouse to aid in building out more schools and water wells for rural communities.

In closing, Buzz said he’s “Always excited to play for the folks.” Well, I don’t know about you all, but we’re sure excited he’s going to be playing for us too!

Now is as good a time as any to purchase your tickets priced at $18.50 each/general admission for the showing this Wednesday, March 22, 6 pm — to guarantee your evening of epicness and, more importantly, to support a cause behind our city limits.

See you there, Sheridan!

— The folks at Sheridan Brand

P.S. If you’re all set with your tickets, please share this article or let your friends know about it via their Facebook event.


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