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Blacktooth Brewery Company Supports Project Schoolhouse

Blacktooth Brewing Company is back at it again with their relatively new but destined to be a homegrown tradition of Community Pint Nights. This community night, the good cause highlighted was the Project Schoolhouse, an international non-profit that seeks to provide sanitary living conditions, clean water, and more clear paths to superior education in rural Nicaraguan communities.

Championing this noble cause is a partner organization Ladies with a Cause, a Sheridan-based action group. The missions trip, which will include Brianne Birt, Rachel Howerton, Jackie Coulter-Millechek and Becki Butterfield will take place in March and will have the stated goal of constructing a schoolhouse, providing a clean-water system, and teaching art classes to the locals. “A common theme between all of us,” said Brianne, “is that we all have a heart for service and for education. I think we are all looking forward to bringing back our new learnings and discovered aspirations. We are all excited to share them with the Sheridan community; in hopes to inspire others to take this life-changing adventure.”

The Ladies are excited to see how their actions will affect the less fortunate community in Nicaragua, from the children turning on their tap of clean water for the first time, to how they use their new education, to how their lives might be improved generally. Jesse Woods, the brewery manager at Blacktooth, had this to say: “We were super excited to work with these ladies! It’s great to see people from our community extending help to communities in areas that don’t have the same privileges and opportunities that we do. It’s very encouraging to see that love spread to other parts of the world.” One dollar from each pint sold was donated to the cause, and as the last one was poured an impressive $2400 was put towards it. Both Blacktooth and Ladies for a Cause extended their sincerest thank yous to the Sheridan community, and we look forward to seeing the good these wonderful women will do!

 And give a Facebook follow to Project Schoolhouse’s page.

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