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Dr. Max Wachtel Sheridan Expat is on the Hunt for Fugitives

We can think of a few…

things you don’t want to be when you grow up. Things like, broke, lonely, undervalued or become a fugitive. Oddly enough, that last one might change this year thanks to a new reality TV show called Hunted to air on CBS this month.

Series Premiere of Hunted on CBS: Sunday, Jan. 22 after the AFC Championship game.

What is Hunted all about?

The premise of the show is easy enough to follow. There will be a set number of teams comprised of a full cast of characters from all walks of life, they will be tasked with the goal to disappear off the grid for 28 days. I sense something like the Amazing Race, you’ll find your favorite teams right off the bat.

The show producers have hunted down their own team to track and capture these fugitives. Part of the hunters’ strategy involves understanding behaviors, the actions behind certain individuals. That is where Dr. Max Wachtel comes in. Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming, though, now he currently works with a team at The Colorado Center For Clinical Excellence in Denver, Colorado.

However, if you ask us, he’s a perfect fit for the show, “I am careful and focused, but I’m not afraid to inject a little humor into the process.” – Dr. Max Wachtel

Hunted by experts.

The catch is that the fugitives on the run will be tracked by the human equivalent of wolves found in former intelligence operation experts aka they have a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over a very long career. Think FBI, CIA, US Marshall, surveillance, and psychologists.

Sure, it might seem cool enough to don the title of “I evaded the Liam Neesons of the world,” but there is another reason to be successful in dodging the “authorities” for 28 days — $250,000 reasons to be exact.

It’s not too late to start a new year’s resolution. How about, “I will become a ‘fugitive’… and win the grand prize purse of $250,000!”

Watch the preview of the show Hunted.

— Sheridan Brand

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